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The Repopulation makes use of a series of about 80 skills that players can learn through use or through spending hard earned DNA to increase the skill. Most skills also will contain multiple abilities that are opened as you progress through the ranks in the skill. Unlike many other skill systems there are no limits on progress in our skill system (caps) and there is no skill degradation through lack of use or learning other skills. While we think it would take nearly forever due to the fact there are a lot of skills and they aren't particularly easy to increase once they start to hit the diminished returns, it would be possible to reach Grand Master ranking on every skill in the game. Most people like in life will either choose to specialize in a certain skill or two or generalise in a handful of skills. Many skills go hand to hand such as the armor and combat skills, but for the most part you will see people having strengths and weaknesses in those skills since they spend their time using rifles primary so they won't be very proficient with automatics or handguns.

Skill classifications[edit | edit source]

Currently we have 6 spheres or classification of skills. These are used for grouping purposes and also in spending DNA. Each time DNA is rewarded it is rewarded in one of the 6 classifications and you are free to spend it how you see fit on any skill in that classification. DNA also comes in a few quality factors and that will dictate the maximum you can increase a skill with the DNA and the quality will also increase the quantity of points you gain when using the DNA. This is to prevent lesser DNA from being spent on higher rank skills and higher quality DNA can be used to increase lower rank skills slightly faster than lesser dna.

Currently we are offering the following 6 classifications:

Skill rankings[edit | edit source]

You start all skills out at Unranked when you first create a new character. In the beginning you only need a handful of points to increase the ranking of the skill and after a few rankings it starts to take more and more points to increase the skill. Each ranking can possibly unlock a new ability that you can get through a card that is rewarded from completing a mission. Cards are rewarded based on the abilities you can learn and you can see all abilities associated to a skill from the GUI and you can also see all learn-able abilities from the ability GUI as well. Skill point and ranking values can also factor into the strength of the ability so they play a vital purpose in those equations as well. You can conveniently see how many points you have in each skill and how many more you need to reach the next rank. There are quite a few ranks available currently.

  • Unskilled
  • Poor
  • Below Average
  • Average
  • Above Average
  • Skilled
  • Very Skilled
  • Talented
  • Adept
  • Expert
  • Scholar
  • Elite
  • Master
  • Grand Master

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