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Pets are another long-time staple in MMORPGs. In The Repopulation pets play a major role, and all characters can have them. There are three types of pets in the Repopulation: Robotics, Genetically Engineered and Tamed. Each of these pets is acquired in a different manner, and has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, which will be covered shortly.

Robotics[edit | edit source]

Robotic pets are expensive but offer the widest variety of functions. They serve specific roles and can be used as medical robots, assistance, etc. Robotic pets will never turn on their master. Robots can be used many times, but do require fresh batteries. They will never be permanently destroyed. Since robots can be purchased from other players and due to their ability to perform different duties, they make good general purpose or specialized pets.

Robotic pets are quite vulnerable to Electro-magnetic Pulse attacks, and can also be improved or sabotaged by Robotic Engineers.

Genetically engineered pets[edit | edit source]

Genetically engineered pets are created using the Genetic Engineering skill tree. This process involves gathering a DNA sample of the species of animal that you wish to produce, and then creating the pet through crafting. Advanced Genetic Engineers can combine DNA types to create hybrid pets.

The big advantage of genetically engineered pets is that they can use the special abilities of their species, though typically genetically engineered pets are less powerful than the monsters they were cloned from.

The downside to genetically engineered pets is that they will perish forever when killed. Each creation is like a one charge pet. When that pet dies, you will need to create another. You can stack these pets though and carry a number around. These pets can be purchased from other players.

Tamed pets[edit | edit source]

Tamed pets are obtained through the Tame Animal ability. This only works on certain species and they must be tamed when they are young. Young pets are not very powerful at all, but they will slowly grow in power as they age.

Tamed pets are interesting in that they can have some special attacks, and when they fully mature they can be quite powerful. They will not immediately perish if they are defeated in game, but they do rely on the Veterinary Medicine skill to keep them going. Veterinary Medicine can heal or cure tamed pets of their illnesses.

Over time as your pet dies more often they will take ill health. It is very important that a Veterinarian gives them proper attention. Otherwise this pet could be permanently killed.

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