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Welcome to the Repopulation Bestiary section.[edit | edit source]

Along with the humans that are now inhabiting the planet Rhyldan, there are a variety of other living creatures local to the planet that inhabit the world that players will be able to interact with. Each creature is designed to have specific strengths, weaknesses, ability sets, behaviors, and can act in a predator/prey mentality. Some creatures operate alone, others work in groups, much like players, and prefer to pack hunt.

Near civilized areas, these creatures have been cleaned out to a certain degree, to facilitate trade and peaceful travel. But the further you get away from civilized society the more you will have to deal with the "wildlife". We will continue to add more detailed sections for each creature as things progress, so please check back as more information is added and updated.

Lesoo[edit | edit source]


The Lesoo are one of the intelligent, sentient, and sapient species on Rhyldan. They are larger and stronger than Humans and just as aggressive. They are, in many ways, more adaptable than Humans and have learned to use the weapons looted off the bodies of their enemies. They war with the Faugea on sight, and while some Lesoo have been studied and some tribes have made peace with Humans, for the most part they war with Humans on sight too.

They are primitive with stone age technology and beliefs, living in a hunter/scavenger/gathering society. Small tribes occupy caves and carve out a territory that they protect aggressively. They are omnivores and scavengers, and add the bodies of almost all they kill to their larder. Small hunting groups patrol their territory, and occasionally larger groups will band together for some tasks or to gain resources that a smaller group can't.

Hokfig[edit | edit source]


The Hokfig is a very large herd animal, generally two to three times taller than a human at the highest point. They have six limbs and four eyes. It's theorized that one set of eyes sees from the ultraviolet spectrum, while the second set of eyes sees up into the infrared, allowing them to spot predators far in advance. They are not a very fast creature but they are extremely tough to kill. A Hornlike plate covers its back as defense from airborne predators.

Often hunted for their meat, it is considered a mark of skill to kill one without being damaged in the hunt. They are generally peaceful unless attacked, but their six hooves are more dangerous than their bite.

Nacoot[edit | edit source]


The Nacoot is small lizard capable of blending in with its surroundings. The bright coloring along its spine, noticeable only when the Nacoot has been startled, warns off potential predators. When cornered, the Nacoot whips its tail around to both strike attackers and to offer a less vital appendage to be eaten. Losing its tail is only a minor inconvenience, as it will grow back over time.

An ambush predator, the Nacoot lives off of birds, rodents and other small animals. Its claws and sharp beak are usually more than sufficient to handle any prey its own size.

T'Seef[edit | edit source]


The T’seef are a small, annoying creature that lives on grass, moss, insects, grubs and human trash piles. They are not aggressive unless attacked, and even then they are not dangerous unless in large numbers. Their beaks are used during mating rituals to let out off key honking ‘trills’ to attract a mate along with a hopping motion, somewhat like someone trying to attract attention.

They have been declared a nuisance by almost every settlement on the planet at one time or another. The only good thing about them is that they taste like chicken and are easy to kill. If their numbers are not thinned periodically they overrun their food supply and starve to death.

Okolat[edit | edit source]


The Okolat are extremely territorial creatures in addition to being scavengers and opportunistic predators. They prefer to live underground or in artificially created mounds. They are nimble climbers and capable of scaling sheer cliff faces. Their webbed antennae are perfectly designed for detecting movement in their underground lairs.

These creatures are very protective of their extended families and continue to expand the size of their homes for as long as their family continues to grow. It is theorized that the Okolat are to the Faugea race what chimpanzees are to the Human race.

Brachura[edit | edit source]


Vaguely man sized this creature makes an imposing foe from a distance especially as it tends to travel in packs of up to five individuals. Hard Chitinous shells cover a body that is segmented into two arms, two legs, and a rather forward resting head. Their powerful legs end in toed claws which help them adapt to any environmental conditions while aiding them in holding onto dead carcases while they feed.

The teeth of the Brachura are set in their long triangular head near the pointed nose. The angular nature of the beasts nose and face allow it to feed deeply into large carcases while keeping their eyes clear of the rotting flesh.

Their most impressive figures, their spiked claws, are are often used to grab and pull rotting flesh from a carcass, stripping it from the bone before eating it. When challenged or cornered a pack of Brachura will fight for dominance of a carcass or to protect their , rather large, territory.

Scaed’ecoo[edit | edit source]


Scavengers are attracted to corpses left behind by other creatures, as they prefer to let other creatures make the actual kill. Scavengers are capable of digesting virtually any material, and tend to be resistant to both chemical and biological attacks. Little is known about these creatures as they rarely attack unless threatened.

Setlang[edit | edit source]


A Setlang is a dangerous hunter that uses its strong beak to crush the spine of its prey. They live and hunt in packs ranging from three or four up to a dozen or more if there are young being taught how to hunt. Their hide is dark and mottled to blend into the terrain and they have extremely large and strong claws that dig into the ground during a fast sprinting attack. Their beaks are incredibly strong, able to remove the arm off of a human with one bite and twist. They don't have a strong sense of smell, hunting mostly by sight with their faceted eyes able to spot the slightest movement.